BGA Past Events

The BGA’s Annual New Year Recepetion

Wednesday 11th January 2017  our members and friends  joined  us for  wine and canapes for what has become a “must” on the BGA calendar.

We should like to extend our thanks to HE The German Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon for allowing us to use the reception room at No. 34 Belgrave Square  for this event.  We were delighted that he was able to join us and welcomed our guests to the event.

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BGA’s Annual Carol Service

Friday 16 December 7 pm – Christuskirche, 9 Montpelier Place Knightsbridge

The Annual BGA Christmas Carol Service held jointly with the Christuskirche Knightsbridge with top London Choir “Canticum”      Conductor: Mark Forkgen        Organist: Jane Parker-Smith

                                                                Picture 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The British-German Association’s members, friends and families enjoyed a  joyful celebration of Christmas with the superb London Choir “Canticum” followed by a reception in the Bonhoeffer-Saal with traditional Stollen, Weihnachtsgebäck (gingerbread biscuits) and a warming glass of Glühwein!  The Church was full to capacity and wonderful time was had by all.

The service was  led by Pastor Georg Amann

Lessons, carols and anthems were in English and German.


An Evening with Lord Green

 Thursday 24th November 2016 – 6:30 pm for 7 pm

We were delighted  that, at the invitation of The German Embassy who hosted the event together with the BGA, Lord Stephen Green of Hurstpierpoint talked about Germany and its place in the EU and the wider world. Stephen Green had a long and distinguished career in the City, becoming Group Chairman of HSBC plc. He later became Minister for Trade and Investment. He sits as a Conservative peer in the House of Lords and is the author of The European Identity (2015). Lord Green is also an ordained priest in the Church of England, having studied theology at Manchester University’s Northern Ordination course while based in Hong Kong.

The Euro crisis has served as a stark reminder of the fundamental importance of Germany to the larger European project. But the image of Germany as the dominant power in Europe is at odds with much of its recent history. Reluctant Meister, Lord Green’s latest book on which his talk was based  is a wide-ranging study of Germany from the Holy Roman Empire through the Second and Third Reichs, asking not only how such a mature and developed culture could have descended into the barbarism of the Nazi years but how it afterwards rebuilt itself within a generation to become an economic powerhouse. Perhaps most important, Stephen Green examines to what extent Germany will come to dominate its relationship with its neighbours in the European Union, and what that will mean for the continent as a whole.

His insight proved to be of great interest to our members and friends – leading to a very long and lively Q&A at the end of his talk.  Deputy Head of Mission Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen thanked Lord Green on behalf of all present for his excellent talk.

Following the talk there was a drinks reception hosted by The Embassy where Lord Green did a very successful book signing.

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Remembrance Day Service at German War Graves, Cannock Chase

13th November 2016

“It is both a service of remembrance, paying tribute to those who fought in defence of their country, and also of reconciliation.  It is always a very moving occasion”.

This year, on a glorious crisp autumn’s morning, Deputy Head of Mission Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen represented the German Embassy, together with representatives of The Queen, the British Armed Forces and The Commonwealth War Graves Commission.   John Hobley, Vice-Chairman of the BGA  was supported by other Board Members and members of the BGA.The reception afterwards, organised so kindly and brilliantly by BGA’s affiliate the Penkridge Anglo-German Remembrance Day Association, was as ever  well attended.  It was a warm and particularly enjoyable event. Frau von Uslar-Gleichen gave a very well received speech, the transcript can be read by clicking here – Text in English and Text in German

View of Cross and Salvation Army Band

       Cannock Chase 1   Cannock Chase 2

The German War Cemetery is located in a beautiful and tranquil valley on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.  It was inaugurated in 1967.  It is looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on behalf of its German equivalent, the VDK.  It holds the graves of almost 5,000 German and Austrian servicemen and women who died in the two world wars and whose remains were found in this country.For more information about the cemetery (including excellent pictures) and how to get there,  go .


“The British in Occupied Germany – Four British Soldiers and Administrators in Germany after the Second World War” - The latest in our series of historical talks


Thursday 27th October 2016, at 7 pm

Bonhoeffer Room at the Deutsche Evangelische Christuskirche 19 Montpelier Place, London SW 7 1HL Drinks 6.30 – Lecture 7 pm hours  

This very well attended lecture was given by Christopher Knowles, Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Contemporary British History (ICBH) at Kings College London.  Dr Christopher Knowles has spent many years researching British people in occupied Germany. His  lecture looked at how four important and influential British individuals set about the task of reconstruction, political renewal, and personal reconciliation with their former enemies: Field-marshal Montgomery, the first military governor of the British Zone, Harold Ingrams, a former colonial official given the task of restoring democracy in Germany, Vaughan Berry, the British Regional Commissioner for Hamburg, and John Chaloner, the 21 year-old English army officer who first created the German news magazine, Der Spiegel.

Despite having fought two very bitter wars in the previous 30 years, despite the chaos in Germany after the collapse of the Nazi state, despite criticism of the occupation in both Britain and Germany, despite hunger marches and protests in Germany, the end of the war and the end of the occupation has been followed by 70 years of peace and prosperity in Western Europe. What did people do that was right then, when more recent examples of military occupation, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been so much less successful?

We had some very interesting input from the guests at the event – some of whom had personal experience of that post war  period in Germany or had members of their familes with the British and American forces based in Germany at that time. Christopher Knowles in fact gained new information himself from one of our BGA guests who had an inside knowledge of Field-Marshal Mongomery and his own personal thought processes at the time.  After the talk there was a very lively reception.

The BGA’s Annual Oktoberfest 2016

28th September 2016, Bavarian Beerhouse Tower Hill

O’zapft is!
To coincide with the real Oktoberfest in Munich, the BGA Oktoberfest was held on the 28th September at the cellar of the famous Bavarian Beerhouse in London’s Tower Hill.

        Wiener-Schnitzel-800x534                      schweinehaxe

The Beerhouse was wonderfully decorated in Bavarian colours, with images from the country and the Oktoberfest. Sitting at traditional beer tables and benches, our around 50 guests enjoyed delicious German beer in pints and steins as well as Schnitzel and Schweinshaxn. Throughout the evening, we were entertained by live musicians from Bavaria who brought the original Oktoberfest atmosphere to London with typical songs and toasts which they taught to the mostly non-Bavarian guests. It was certainly great fun for everyone and a memorable evening that calls for a repetition in 2017!

1            6



BGA’s Annual General Meeting 2016 and Summer Reception

July 13th 2016

The AGM and Summer Drinks Reception were held in the splendid offices of NORD/LB in the City of London, with magnificent view of St Paul’s.  The BGA is indebted to NORD/LB , a corporate sponsor of the BGA, for so generously hosting the event this year.  Mr Christoph Trestler, General Manager of NORD/LB welcomed the Board and the membership before the start of the meeting.

The AGM was started promptly at 1800 hours with the Chairman Stephen Watson giving a synopsis of the work carried out by the BGA in the year 2015 and how it  intends to actively go forward post-Brexit.  It was agreed that now more than ever the BGA must fulfil its Mission Statement “Creating Understanding and Forging Links” between our two countries.

The Hon. Treasurer gave his Financial Report which was accepted by unanimous show of hands.

Please contact the BGA Office if you should require to see the Minutes, Financial Statements etc, lists of attendees, apologies etc.

At the conclusion of the AGM there was a most enjoyable drinks reception, hosted by NORD/LB.



Mr Christoph Trestler


Mr Stephen Watson, Chairman BGA

IMG_3163IMG_3166 IMG_3146IMG_3160


BGA’s Annual Parliamentary Day

June 16th – House of Lords Cholmondeley Room and Terrace


 Thursday 16th June 2016, House of Lords

Photo Stephen Watson Welcome

Photo James Sproule 2Photo John StevensPhoto Lord Watson 2

With the referendum uppermost in many peoples’ minds, the annual BGA luncheon took place just 7 days before the vote. The BGA convened  a high-profile, cross-party referendum debate.  The panel  included Lord Watson (Liberal and President BGA), Paul Farrelly MP (Labour and Chair APP British-German Group), John Stevens MP (Conservative and former Conservative MEP) and James Sproule (Chief Economist and Director of Policy Institute of Directors) .  The event also included a lively Q&A after the debate, giving members the opportunity to join in the discussion and share their views!

Guests 1

Guests 2

Photo food 1Photo food 2




Stephen Watson, Carolyn Fairbairn, Alexander Moscho, Paul Farrelly MP

Stephen Watson BGA, Carolyn Fairbairn CBI,   Alexander Moscho Bayer, Paul Farrelly MP

Business Leader’s Dinner in the House of Commons with Guest Speaker Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General Confederation of British Industry

May 31st – this was for corporate members only

For our Corporate Members only, this black tie dinner was held in the House of Commons.  The evening started with a champagne reception on the terrace and was followed by a formal dinner.

Our Guest Speaker was Carolyn Fairbairn Director-General of the CBI. In her speech about the EU Referendum, she underlined the necessity to separate ‘claim’ from ‘fact’ when faced with the decision to remain or leave. She presented an overview of the risks Britain would face by leaving the European Union, drawing upon the potentially major economic and business repercussions and severe job losses. She suggested that Brexit would only give Britain an illusion of sovereignty as in reality it would exclude us from EU discussions about our future. She concluded that the uncertainty of future growth, prosperity and investment for Britain is not worth the risk of leaving the EU.

Dr. Moscho, MD of Bayer UK & I, gave the reply speech in which he explained the positive benefits the Bayer business in the UK gains from EU membership. He discussed the advantages of research funding, research collaboration and trade for pharmaceutical companies and stressed that 1000 people are employed by Bayer in the UK and Ireland generating 1 bn euros in sales annually. He then went on to give a broader outline of the economic benefits German businesses receive from being part of the EU.

After the speeches there followed a very lively Q&A which was both informative and stimulating.

The BGA is indebted to Bayer for supporting the event.

Business Leaders' dinner - House of Commons

Business Leaders’ dinner – House of Commons

Royal United Services Institute invited BGA members to attend Whitehall Dialogue: Russia and Refugees – Challenges for German Foreign Policy

27 April 2016


Verity Ruecker – BGA Member

“Invited by the BGA, my husband and I were delighted to have the opportunity to attend  the Royal United Services Institute event with Dr Thomas Bagger: “Russia and Refugees – Challenges for German Foreign Policy”.  As Head of Policy Planning at the German Federal Foreign Office, we  were given by Dr Bagger an insight into Germany’s position not only on the specific topics – its relationship with Russia and its humanitarian approach to the European refugee crisis – but also, via a lively and lengthy  Q&A session, into more far-ranging topics, such as Brexit.

We came away with the impression that, although Germany’s geographical position, large population and successful economy have made it Europe’s powerhouse, the role as Europe’s leader is one it takes on reluctantly.”

Caren Saville-Sneath – BGA Member

“Just to say how much I enjoyed this event. Having lived in the UK for so long I am to some extent out of touch with German attitudes and it was incredibly interesting and informative to get their perspective, especially from somebody so high up in the decision making process.

Thank you!”


BGA “Spotlight on Business” – Trip to Bosch UK’s facility in Worcester with business discussion

April 18th 2016

Worcester Factory Image

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgBGA Group at Bosch Carl Arntzen CEO









The BGA was delighted to have the opportunity to arrange a private tour of the Bosch Thermotechnology production site in Worcester. Bosch is a long term supporter and Corporate Member of the BGA and we are very grateful that they have made this tour possible for our members.

Worcester is the main headquarters for Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd in the UK. There are approximately 1,050 employees located on the site in Worcester, spread across many different disciplines from Finance & Administration through to Logistics & Supply Chain management. Worcester’s focus on important environmental issues led to the launch of a long term vision for the company “Environment 2020” resulting in new, greener products coming onto the market.  Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd  was awarded the Royal Warrant in 2009.

Following refreshments, Carl Arntzen, CEO Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. gave us a welcome presentation, outlining the history of the company and its working practices with an opportunity for the delegates to ask questions before setting off on the private tour of the  manufacturing facility, customer training centre and after sales call centre and technical hotline.

We all agreed that there is something quite fascinating about learning about the production processes and behind-the-scenes machinations and systems supporting an object we can all rather take for granted.

“Dear Deutschland” a Reading by Michael Hall

held jointly by the British-German Association and Christuskirche Knightsbridge in the Bonhoeffer Room at the Deutsche Evangelische Christuskirche

Thursday 25th February 2016

Michael Hall – former Consul General in Germany gave us a thoroughly enjoyable  and witty evening reading from his latest book  “Dear Deutschland” which he wrote while he was British Consul in Frankfurt from 1991 to 1996. His wry sense of humour had the full house of guests in fits of laughter as we recognised certain character traits displayed by both nationalities!

The pieces are made up of portraits of engaging characters, comic incidents of consular and daily life, snapshots of Frankfurt at that time, just after Germany’s reunification and during the strong rise of the city as a financial centre, glimpses backstage at the British Consulate-General, and peeps into the personal life of Herr Konsul.

Both before and after the readings we enjoyed glasses of wine and had the opportunity to buy the book.

The event was held in cooperation with the Gemeinde of the Christuskirche Knightsbridge, in their very welcoming Bonhoeffer-Saal downstairs from the church.

MH P1030340 A P1030290 A P1030325P1030343


The BGA New Year Reception

held at 34 Belgrave Square in the presence of HE The German Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon

Thursday 28th January 2016 – 6pm – 8 pm

This annual event has become very popular with members and friends of The BGA – held in the splendid reception room at 34 Belgrave Square by kind permission of the Ambassador who was also present that evening.  He welcomed the guests and talked briefly about the exciting year ahead  for British-German relations with special reference to the EU Referendum.  It was a very successful evening of wine and canapés with excellent conversation and networking.  We look forward to many of the friends who attended the recepetion now becoming new members of The BGA.

HE The German Ambassador with John Hobley Vice-Chairman BGA

HE The German Ambassador with John Hobley Vice-Chairman BGA

P1030147 P1030151P1030148  P1030161 P1030164 P1030166 P1030177P1030167 P1030170 P1030173 P1030181P1030176P1030182 P1030183

The BGA-Christuskirche Advent Carol Service Thursday 3rd December – 7 pm

held jointly with Christuskirche Knightsbridge, 19 Montpelier Place, London SW7 1HL

Click here to see Advent Flyer  with “Fever Pitch”  Conductor: Elinor Corp Organist: Jane Parker-Smith

The British-German Association’s members, friends and families were invited to join us for our annual joyful celebration of the Advent of Christmas with the London Choir “Fever Pitch” followed by a reception in the Bonhoeffer-Saal with traditional Stollen, Weihnachtsgebäck (gingerbread biscuits) and a warming glass of Glühwein!  The service was led by Pastor Georg Amann and Pastorin Laura Artes. Lessons, carols and anthems were in English and German and were enjoyed by a congregation that filled the church!

Photo choir and conductor

BGA private tour of the Airbus state-of-the-art Manufacturing plant in Broughton

Group Photo Airbus

26th November 2015 -  Broughton, Chester CH4 0DR

Without doubt it was a huge success for the 20 BGA members lucky enough to get a place on the tour.  Totally fascinating.  Our guide who had worked at the plant for many years imparted his in-depth knowledge of the company, the planes and their production, brilliantly answering the myriad of questions thrown at him!     The huge scale of the plant is literally awe inspiring.  Our tour concentrated on the manufacturing plant of the enormous A380 wings which we followed from their initial first “layer”, the building-up of the various layers, edges, rivets, wiring until the final product (minus its engines and flaps which are finally attached by British engineers from Broughton in France).   Seeing the vast pvc-wrapped wings awaiting their shipment to France on their huge individual cradles is an impressive sight and logistical triumph in itself!   To see their journey  by road and then by river craft to Mostyn harbour, where they are loaded onto a custom-built roll-on, roll-off ferry for the trip to France is worth a BGA trip in itself!

It is wonderful to think that such a great European company is so well represented in the UK with a facility of such cutting edge technology and skills and our thanks go to the Airbus team who made this tour possible for us. Airbus, is long term supporter and sustaining member of The BGA.


The Penkridge Anglo-German Remembrance Association – 8th November 2015

The Remembrance Day Service, organised by PAGRA was very attended this year, including 23 representatives from the BGA. The German Embassy was represented by Deputy Head of Mission Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen who spoke movingly at the service and at the luncheon afterwards.   General Sir William Rollo  from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who had been stationed many times in Germany,  was also in attendance as were many British soldiers now based in Stafford.


John Hobley, Vice-Chairman of The British-German Association  awarded the BGA Medal of Honour to Keith Hender, the current Chair of PAGRA.  The award was made in recognition of the initiative taken by PAGRA following the inauguration of the Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof on Cannock Chase to ensure that Services of Remembrance and Reconciliation take place every year, that they be properly and well-attended, and that following the service care be taken for the warmth and comfort of those attending.

It recognised the selfless dedication of successive Chairmen and committee members of PAGRA over all the ensuing years in ensuring efficiently and without fuss or self-congratulation that the annual service take place.

The BGA  congratulated Keith Hender and his Committee on PAGRA’s past and still continuing achievement.  In doing it was also recalled the contribution made over the years by Keith’s predecessor, the late John Hopkinson, and by John’s wife Helga.



The BGA’s First Oktoberfest!


Held at Herman ze German, 43 Charlotte Street, London W1T 1RS  - 28th October 2015

With the Oktoberfest in full swing in München we thought it would be fun to join them in our own way in London!

With Herman ze German proving to be a very popular new destination venue in Fitzrovia (traditional Bavaria meets hip-London) here was the chance to join us for a fun evening of Schnitzel and Wurst and Bier – and of course good company!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 5

We had a great (if rather chaotic!) evening with many Steins and Dunkelbiers.  We will most certainly repeat the event in 2016 – but perhaps at another venue which will be able to cater for larger parties more efficiently!  Watch this space!

The Stadtschloss Berlin: Why Rebuild Germany’s Palaces Today?

6.00pm pre-lecture drink for 6.30pm lecture followed by drinks reception –  Held on Tuesday 29th September 2015 at the German Historial Institute London

The British-German Association invited our members and friends to a sell out lecture and discussion by Wolf Burchard MA PhD

Ever since 1945, Germany has developed somewhat of a tradition in restoring or rebuilding its onetime princely and royal palaces that had either been damaged or entirely destroyed during the Second World War. Berlin’s Stadtschloss – Germany’s equivalent to Buckingham Palace – is the latest, and possibly last, reconstruction project (image on left). The new Schloss will bear the name ‘Humboldt Forum’, and its purpose will be to provide a platform for large art exhibitions and intercultural exchanges. To many, it appears somewhat surprising that almost a century after Germany ceased to be a monarchy, attempts are still underway to re-create some of its lost royal architecture.

Wolf Burchard’s lecture explored the complex and often controversial history of the rebuilding of Germany’s palaces. It looked at their new functions as museums, universities and shopping malls, and attempted to answer the question ‘Why rebuild Germany’s palaces?’    Yet again Wolf gave us all a fascinating talk with our guests so enthused that the Q&A had to finally be brought to a close by the Chair so Wolf could get home!

Photo 3

Dr Burchard is an art and architectural historian, and specialist on 17th and 18th century royal patronage. He was Curatorial Assistant at the Royal Collection Trust from 2009 to 2014 where he assisted the Surveyor of The Queen’s Pictures in curating The First Georgians: Art & Monarchy, 1714-1760 at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, commemorating the tercentenary of George I’s accession to the British Throne. He studied history of art and architecture at the universities of Tübingen, Vienna and the Courtauld Institute of Art, from which he holds an MA and PhD. He publishes and regularly lectures on the art and architectural patronage at the British, French and German courts.

Wolf Burchard photo

Wolf Burchard – our lecturer at this        sell-out event

Again we should like to thank Dr Andreas Gestrich, Director of the German Historical Institute London, for allowing The BGA to hold this event at their wonderful premises.

AGM and Summer Drinks Reception

6.00pm, 15 July 2015, 34 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QB

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Association’s Annual General Meeting this year, took place on Wednesday 15 July.

At the AGM, we were reporting on the activities of the Association and sharing details of our plans for the year ahead.  It was also an opportunity for our members to put questions to the Board.  We also elected the Officers and Board members.

The formal business was followed by our summer drinks reception.  Many guests joined us for a very convivial drinks party.

hcuuP1020357    P1020358

hcuuP1020361    P1020362P1020360



Thursday 18th June 2015, Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, House of Lords

12.00 – for 12.30 pm

Danny Finkelstein, The Lord Finkelstein OBE

Danny Finkelstein, The Lord Finkelstein OBE

Our guest speaker was Danny Finkelstein, the much sought after political journalist and commentator. Known for his wit and insight he shared his views on the outcome of the General Election at this year’s BGA Parliamentary Day Lunch.  He also expounded as to why the political polls got it so horribly wrong! Danny  explored the ramifications of the election, reflected on the shape of the new government and examined its likely impact on the UK’s relationship with Europe.  

Lord Finkelstein is a former Executive Editor of The Times and is a respected political columnist. He is often seen on the BBC where his political insight is sought and enjoyed. He was a founder member of the SDP and became a close adviser to David Owen. He moved to the Conservatives after the Liberal/SDP merger and joined the Conservative Research Department, advising John Major as Prime Minister. Finkelstein became an early advocate of the ‘modernisation’ of the Conservative Party and was political adviser to the Leader of the Opposition, William Hague. In 2013, he became a Conservative member of the House of Lords.

photo 7photo 5

photo 8photo 4

This was a sell out event as was to be expected with such a well known speaker.  Our guests enjoyed drinks in the sunshine on the terrace of the House of Lords, followed by a 3-course luncheon in the Cholmondelely Room.


BGA Members invited to attend Waterloo Banquet at St. James’s Palace, 9th June

June this year marked the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, better known in Germany as La Belle Alliance. After the battle the Duke of Wellington met Marshal Blücher. They shook hands and embraced, and Blücher said, “Mein lieber Kamerad! Quelle affaire!” They rode together to La Belle Alliance, where Prussian cavalry greeted them with a fanfare of trumpets. Wellington handed over responsibility for the pursuit of the retreating French army to Blücher and the two heroes parted. It had been a close run thing but Wellington would never have fought Napoleon that day if it had not been for assurance given to him by Blücher that he would come to Wellington’s support.

With the gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen,  Waterloo 200 and The New Waterloo Dispatch arranged an elegant Waterloo Banquet at St James’s Palace on Tuesday, 9th  June 2015, nine days before the anniversary of the battle and exactly two hundred years to the day that the Final Act of the Congress of Vienna was signed by the Great Powers in 1815. We were delighted that BGA members were also invited to attend.

There is more to German whites than Riesling

Thursday 30th April

NORD/LB – Norddeutsche Landesbank, One Wood Street London EC2V 7WT

For  our Fine Wine Cognoscenti!   At the kind invitation of Nord/LB, the BGA  held an excellent wine tasting evening enjoyed by some 50 members and friends.

photo 6

A full house in the office of Nord LB!

With David Petche of Petersfield Wines to guide us,  we explored 8 excellent white wines of Germany which could be purchased from David at the end of the evening.  Everyone agreed it was not only informative, it was also fun!  By the end of the evening it was also quite noisy with conversation and wine flowing.  We are all looking forward to our next wine tasting event  to be arranged in the not too distant future.

photo 1

One of the eight German white wines!

photo 3












 BGA Business Leaders’ Dinner

Tuesday 21st April – House of Lords

This prestigious black tie event is held annually for our Corporate partners only.   Hosted by our President Lord Watson of Richmond, it was held in the House of Lords in the presence of His Excellency The German Ambassador, Dr Peter Ammon. This year our guest speaker was Sir Roger Carr, Chairman of BAE Systems and former CBI President.  Sir Roger spoke powerfully about where the UK now finds itself and some of the issues that will shape the direction of any EU referendum on the UK’s membership. He also took questions enabling the guests  to hear the views of others in the room who were representatives of some of the largest international companies in the UK.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 4

Sir Roger Carr


Dresden Today – Its Art and Architecture

Wednesday 25th February 2015

The German Historical Institute London, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ

6.30 pm Drinks – 7.00 pm Lecture

Eveline Eaton Photo

Eveline Eaton – Chairman of the Dresden Trust, a close partner of the BGA  –  having just returned from the Commemoration of the 70 years of the destruction of the City of Dresden held in the presence of HRH The Duke of Kent, passed on her most recent impressions of this magnificent city which has risen like a “phoenix from the ashes”.

Eveline Eaton grew up in Berlin and worked in advertising in Germany and USA.  After moving to England, she studied art history in London at the Study Centre for Fine and Decorative Arts (linked to the V&A) and then at the Courtauld Institute where she gained her degree.  After teaching at Surrey University, she    became a lecturer for NADFAS and The Art Fund enabling her to pass on her enthusiasm to art lovers in Britain, Continental Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia, both as a lecturer and as a tour guide. In 2013 Eveline was elected Chairman of The Dresden Trust.

We should like to thank Dr Andreas Gestrich, Director of the German Historical Institute London, for allowing The BGA to hold this event at their premises.


The BGA’s Annual New Year Reception 

Neujahrsempfang – The BGA’s New Year Reception

Ring out the Old – Ring in the New!

34 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QB

If you were  in London on Wednesday 14th January 2015, the Executive Board of the British-German Association invited its members and friends to join them for their Annual BGA New Year Reception which has become a must on the BGA calendar.

We were delighted that this year HE Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon was able to join us, together with his Deputy Head of Mission, Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen.

It was fun evening,  with good wines, canapes and great conversation with many new members joining the BGA that evening.

We are looking forward to our next  drinks reception, to be held at 34 Belgrave Square after the BGA AGM on June 18th.

(photos to follow)



Christmas Carol Service

held jointly with the Christuskirche Knightsbridge

Thursday 18th December – 1900 hours

Christuskirche Knightsbridge , 19 Montpelier Place, London SW7 1HL

with The Purcell Singers - Conductor:  Mark Ford - Organist: Jane Parker-Smith

The British-German Association’s members, friends and families held a joyful celebration of Christmas with the famed Purcell Singers followed by a reception in the Bonhoeffer-Saal with traditional Stollen, Weihnachtsgebäck (gingerbread biscuits) and a warming glass of Glühwein!

The service was  be led by  Pastorin Laura Artes.  Lessons, carols and anthems were read  in English and German.


Spotlight on the Hanoverians: – The Tory Party and a New Royal Dynasty:  The Tercentenary of a Momentous Policital Crisis

Thursday 20th November   lord-lexden2 To celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Accession of the House of Hanover in 1714, The BGA invited its members and friends  to the last of its series of very successful lectures “Spotlight on the Hanoverians”.   Lord Lexden gave a fascinating and very well researched lecture The Tory Party and a New Royal Dynasty:  The Tercentenary of a Momentous Political Crisis” which was a captivating period of UK history. His insight and observations were greatly appreciated and brought the the subject to life with colour and knowledge.    Lord Lexden, a Conservative peer, is a political historian who is the Official Historian to the Conservative Party and the Carlton Club.  He writes regularly for various newspapers and contributes in many Lords debates   argued  that the popular impression of George I as a rather stupid man cut off from his new subjects by his inability to speak English is hopelessly wide of the mark. The new king was respected throughout continental Europe for his prowess as a soldier during the long wars against Louis XIV and as a highly effective ruler of Hanover which was one of the leading states of Germany.  The king conversed freely in the common language of the rulers of Europe, French. He knew some English in 1714; by the end of his reign he was attending performances of Shakespeare’s plays. A leading Dutch diplomat, writing in 1702, said: “he has a special aptitude for affairs of state ,a well-ordered economy, very sound brain and judgement”.

Our thanks go to Prof Dr. Andreas Gestrich of The German Historical Institute for allowing us to use their magnificent premises for this event.

John Hobley, Lord Lexden, Prof. Dr Andreas, Stephen Watson

John Hobley, Lord Lexden, Prof. Dr Andreas, Stephen Watson


Lord Lexden


GHIL – the venue for the event








Tour of the Mini Factory in Oxford

Monday 3rd November In the series BGA’s “Spotlight on Business” BGA members had the opportunity to make a tour around BMW’s state of the art Mini factory – to  see this iconic car in production.   For those of us not experts in the automotive production line – it was an eye opener to see the different models in production simultaneously.  One can only wonder at the brilliance of the of the mechanisation – let alone the programmers!  It should be compulsory for all schools to make such a  tour!  Such a visit can only inspire the young to knuckle down and get into engineering and IT.  And the key word we all walked away with?  Quality!

BMW Mini Tour

Andrea Badelt and Chris von Cossell – both BGA members admiring the finished product.

Testemonials: “The sounds eminating from the vast factory floor could not have been mistaken for Tschaikowski’s masterpiece. But the fluidity and elegance in the car-making robots’ perfectly choreographed movements was reminiscent indeed of a good Schwanensee performance. What a most interesting and mind broadening factory visit this was – thank you very much BGA  for putting this together!” Chris von Cossel “I must thank you for the excellent tour of the BMW factory – all my life I have had 2 ambitions 1) to visit a secure prison – I had a full tour of Brixton prison in February  and 2) to visit a Motor Plant – thanks to you I have at the age of 75 achieved both – With many thanks” Nigel Clark


Penkridge Anglo-German Remembrance Day Service

Sunday 9th November 2014 The annual Anglo-German Remembrance Day Service of Reconciliation was  held at the German War Cemetery, Cannock Chase on Sunday 9th November 2014 at 12.00 noon followed by a reception at the Haling Dene Centre, Penkridge.Cannock Chase 2014 - 2Cannock Chase 2014

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Stephen Watson and John Hobley of the BGA with Deputy Head of Mission German Embassy: Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen




BGA Medal of Honour awarded to Bristol-Hannover Council

Ann Kennard, SW, Mayor of Bristol Medal of Honour

The Lord Mayor of Bristol with Ann Kennard who accepted the Medal of Honour from BGA’s Chairman Stephen Watson

Ann Kennard, Bristol event

At the annual Bristol Anglo-German Society dinner at the Mansion in Bristol, The British-German Association’s Chairman Stephen Watson awarded the BGA’s Medal of Honour to the Bristol-Hannover Council, represented by Ann Kennard.  This medal  is given to individuals or bodies that have made an outstanding, sustained and consequential contribution to the British-German relationship. The BGA Medal of Honour, the highest accolade the Association can bestow, has over the years been awarded to a small number of individuals who have excelled in this endeavour. They include a past Prime Minister, Edward Heath, Roy Jenkins and also former Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt. More recently, senior business leaders including Andreas Goss of Siemens, have also been recipients. Last year the medal was presented by HRH The Duke of Kent, the BGA’s Royal Patron, to outgoing German Ambassador, Georg Boomgaarden.

Special Service at St Martin-in-the-Fields with HRH The Duke of Kent KG

Monday 20th October 2014 It was a full house at the BGA’s special service to mark the 300th Anniversary of the Hanoverian Accession and the Coronation of George I. The service was held at St Martin-in-the-Fields at Trafalgar Square, London, and included music and readings from the actual coronation 300 years ago. Our Royal Patron HRH The Duke of Kent KG and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany were both in attendance, along with a number of VIPs from the Anglo-German community.

Andrea Horf, Alastair Sava and Sue Austin

From left to right: BGA Intern Andrea Horf, Board Member Alastair Sava and BGA Executive Secretary Sue Austin at the entrance to the church.

A full house at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

A full house at St Martin-in-the-Fields.


From left to right: BGA Chairman Stephen Watson; the German Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon and his wife Marliese Heimann-Ammon; HRH the Duke of Kent, the Patron of the BGA; and our President The Lord Watson of Richmond.

At the reception, from left to right: BGA President The Lord Watson of Richmond; our Chairman Stephen Watson; HRH The Duke of Kent, our Patron; and Prof. Monika Grütters - the Minister of State for Culture and Media in Germany.

At the reception, from left to right: BGA President The Lord Watson of Richmond; our Chairman Stephen Watson; HRH The Duke of Kent, our Patron; and Prof. Monika Grütters – the Minister of State for Culture and Media in Germany.


BGA’s AGM & Summer Drinks Reception

Wednesday 16th July 2014 

Nord/LB hosted our AGM in their city office

The BGA’s Annual General Meeting and Summer Drinks Party was  held on Wednesday 16th July 2014 at 1800 hours at the offices of BGA Corporate Member Nord?LB at  One Wood Street, London EC2V 7WT.  Following an excellent meeting the BGA members and friends were invited for drinks and canapes by Nord/LB –  a superb end to the day.


The British & German Parliamentary Choirs in unison in Westminster Hall

Wednesday 9th July 2014

Westminster Hall Choir

The joint Parliamentary choirs in Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall audience

A full house

On 9th July in the splendid Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster,  the British and German Parliamentary Choirs came together to give a soaring performance of Handel’s Zadok the Priest & Mendelssohn’s Lobgesang.  Together with the Southbank Sinfonia under the baton of Simon Over, the choir and soloists demonstrated the joys of intercultural exchange at its very best – and that political harmony really can be achieved!

A Day in the Country with Bayer

Thursday 26th June 2014   This event in the BGA series “A Spotlight on Business” looked at the importance of modern agricultural technologies in food production from inception, development, testing and production.  The event took place at Bayer Crop Science’s  Orchard Farm in Great Chishill in  Cambridgeshire.  The BGA thanks the Bayer CropScience Team for all the arrangements that made the day so insightful and memorable. IMG_3270IMG_3289 From: Christine Bunnenberg, Avocets Consulting I enjoyed the ‘Day in the Country with Bayer’ so much that I decided to become a member of the BGA straight away. The event gave an insight into the long and often stoney road from discovery of a substance or the invention of a new avenue in plant protection to the finished product. Thanks to Peter Brain’s and Steve’s excellent presentations we all gained a fresh perspective on what crop science can mean for all of us on the planet. I look forward to the BGA’s exciting future events!” From Andrea Badelt, Partner Eriswell Capital Management LLP & BGA Member “With world population expected to rise from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that food production will need to increase by up to seventy percent.   A rapidly expanding middle class in Asia is shifting its dietary habits from grain to proteins.  A higher calorie diet has a large agricultural multiplier effect, as around 6.5kg of crop feed is required to produce 1kg of beef.This presents enormous challenges for the agricultural industry.  Most of the increase in crop production is expected to come from higher yielding crop and greater cropping intensity on existing arable land.  The FAO estimates global arable land to expand by less than five percent by 2050. Bayer CropScience is one of the small groups of companies dedicated to providing solutions to the problem of global food sustainability.   With €900 million of annual R&D investments, Bayer focuses on improving crop protection and developing higher-yielding seed varieties such as; cotton, oilseed rape, rice and soybeans. The day was hosted by Dr Peter Brain and Dr Stephen Humphreys of Bayer’s Knowledge Academy.   Together they briefed BGA members on the important role Bayer plays in not only supporting farmers but also in lending its technology and offering partnerships along the whole food chain. After lunch BGA members were invited to a guided tour of Great Chishill Orchard Farm; a rare opportunity to see innovation strike a successful balance between productive agriculture and the maintenance of biodiversity on farmland.  An excellent and enlightening day.  Thank you.”

BGA’s Annual Parliamentary Day 

Wednesday 18th June 2014


A highlight event for our members with Lord Paddy Ashdown as guest speaker.      As ever this proved to be hugely successful event with many of our members enjoying private tours around Westminster prior to the luncheon.  It was a beautiful day so our guests, including a large party from Germany,  could enjoy pre-lunch drinks on the terrace before sitting down to an excellent three course lunch.  Lord Ashdown’s opinions on Europe and world affairs are much sought after by press and media alike.  The BGA therefore had the opportunity to hear personally what he had to say on topics ranging from the UK and coalition politics to Europe and the Crimea.


From Penny Leube – Freiburg, Germany – affiliated to the Guildford-Freiburg Association “Our group had a most enjoyable week in London, the highlight being our House of Lords visit.  Our group acknowledged and appreciated the very privileged nature of the occasion and the very good talk by Paddy Ashdown”

BGA’s Tour in Thuringia

25th May – 1st June 2014 Report to follow – but in the meantime enjoy the photos!  The tour was led by Robert Woodthorpe Browne (BGA Board Member) together with his wife Barbara.  Big thanks to them both for organising such a successful trip.


Chatham House

Thursday 29th May Post European Elections Discussion Four days after the conclusion of the European Parliament elections, Chatham House, in association with The British-German Association and The Franco-British Council, brought together experts from France, Germany and the UK to offer their thoughts on the results and public perceptions of the outcome.  With Eurosceptic and populist parties having conspicuously good results they discussed in robust terms and also from their own country’s perspectives what this will mean for the future of the EU and national politics.     This was a particularly good evening – with a stimulating Q&A session which could have gone on until the small hours!  The panel included: Christine Ockrent: Journalist Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz: Chair in Political Systems and European Integration,  Department of Political Science, Geschwister-Scholl-Institute, University of Munich Tony Barber: Europe Editor and Associate Editor, Financial Times Chair - Professor Maurice Fraser:  Professor of Practice in European Politics – London School of Economics & Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House. IMG_2877IMG_2874

Deutsche Bank Art Tour

Monday 12th May 2014 Deutsche Bank London reception featuring artworks by Keith Tyson and Tony Cragg largeA few lucky members of The British-German Association were  invited to join a guided tour and a talk about the history of the Deutsche Bank art  collection, led by Mary Findlay, Art Curator of Deutsche Bank etc.  It is without doubt a terrific collection of modern art and we hope that we shall be able to repeat the tour before too long.

300 Year Anniversary of Accession of the House of Hanover

The Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft (HBG)’s re-enactment of George the First’s journey to London to take up the crown – Friday 16th May king-george On 10th May 2014 an authentic 18th century Postkutschel departed  from Hanover to replicate the continental stages of George’s journey, i.e. from Hanover to The Hague.  In it travelled  a costumed re-enactor of George the First.  George’s original journey finished at the royal residence, St. James’s Palace. So for the re-enactment, this year’s “George the First” was also driven to the Palace  in a superb gilded royal coach, made in England in the 18th century.    On Friday 16th May the coach was driven down Birdcage Walk, round past Horseguards’ Parade, up The Mall to the courtyard entrance to St. James’s Palace.  The coach was then, escorted by two mounted police,  driven up Constitution Hill and through Hyde Park to Kensington Palace.  “George the First” was met with a Champagne reception by members of the HBG and the BGA. Friday 16th May was chosen to coincide with the launch in Hanover of their own tricentenary celebrations of the Hanoverian Accession.  German television (NDR) and DPA will give press coverage. Click here to view the NDR’s television coverage

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