Corporate Members

Many of the leading UK and German companies are corporate members of the BGA. More than 2,500 German companies operate in the UK, with investments worth more than Euro 100 billion and employing 450,000 people.

Corporate Members
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Bosch Nord LB
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Bayer BASF

Why leading companies back the BGA

Trust, friendship and mutual understanding between countries are the essential foundations for trade and business relationships. The UK and Germany are major trading partners. At a time of international tension, the BGA’s work has never been more important for companies with business interests in the UK and Germany. Income from corporate memberships is fundamental to the BGA’s ability to deliver its charitable objectives.

Many companies regard their support for the BGA’s charitable objectives as an essential part of their CSR program. However, corporate membership of the BGA also brings practical benefits. Our corporate supporters have the opportunity to interact meaningfully with politicians, diplomats and other senior business people.

In addition, the BGA provides opportunities for corporate supporters to sponsor parts of the BGA’s events program, or to work together on tailored events, such as visits to corporate headquarters, stores or factories.

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