Our Purpose

The British-German Association is a charity, founded in 1951, that promotes public education about Germany and its relationship with the UK.

Much of our work is done via our Membership organisation. We organise a wide variety of events each year, which contribute to public education about the history, culture, economics, and politics of Germany and about the relations between Germany and the UK. This work helps to promote mutual understanding between Germany and the UK, and to strengthen links between the two countries. We welcome membership applications from anyone with an interest in Germany and in German-British relations.

A particular focus of our work is the promotion and support of German language teaching in British schools. Through our Youthbridge arm, we encourage schools to offer German and pupils to study it, and we highlight policy challenges that have led to a decline in German-language teaching.

The British-German Association works closely with other British-German organisations. We have a close relationship with both the German Embassy in London and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, although we receive no regular funding from either Government. We also work in partnership with the Goethe Institut, the German Historical Institute London, the Deutsche Schule London, Chatham House and the London School of Economics. Our work is supported by major corporations with business interests in the UK and Germany, by membership fees, and by income from the events that we organise.


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