Youthbridge Projects

Youthbridge Projects

Do have a look at our Youthbridge students’ projects. All have been completed in German on a topic concerning Germany to explain their interest in or relation to Germany, its culture and language. We would like to thank all the students, who have so far participated, for their fabulous ideas – and of course their wonderful teachers for encouraging them to take part.

Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg mit der deutschen Sprache!

2019 Projects

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

1st Place: Samuel Chandler Good Reasons to Travel to Germany

2nd Place: Joshua Chambers Deutschland Sport

3rd Place: Zoe Rawlings 10 Reasons to Travel to Germany

Bourne Grammar

1st Place: Anna Paskin, Madeline Waldock, Isabelle Gray Deutsche Städte und Großstadte

2nd Place: Rishma Chanda Mein Urlaubstagebuch

3rd Place: Bono Poa, Jamie Grice, Rayyan Faisal

Hinchingbrooke School

1st Place: Sam Wainwright Jamais Vu

Wisbech Grammar School

1st Place: Tia MacNab Fußball In Deutschland

2nd Place: Matthew Clough Top 10 German foods

3rd Place: Eloise Suiter Albert Einstein

Stroud High School

1st Place: Christella Sande Deutsches Essen

Bruton School for Girls

1st Place: Philippa Johnson Grünes Band Deutschland

2nd Place: Wendy Yang Deutsche Spezialitäten

3rd Place: Anna Talbot-Ponsoby Deutsche Feste

UCC Rutland

1st Place: William Pinkerton (Film)

2nd Place: Barnaby Smith (Song)

Unforunately we cannot upload the projects from UCC Rutland. We are trying our best to find a way to link them to our website.

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School 

1st Place: Daisy Foley Schöne Gegenden in Deutschland

2nd Place: Sofia Ziaullah Essen in Deutschland

3rd Place: Sofia Heard-Norrish Berühmte deutschsprachige Leute

Monmouth School for Girls 

1st Place: Daniela Waters 

2nd Place: Hope Farquar , Sophia Rose, Freya Dorman, Amelia Phillips, Holly Long, Carys McConnell-Lawlor

3rd Place: Hannah Robson & Isabel Harrison (German Language Game)

Marling School 

1st Place: Peter Kendall Deutschland für mich

2nd Place: William Loftus Fußball

3rd Place: Luca Wigley Musik & Peter Gardiner Tennis in Deutschland

2018 Projects

Brentwood School

1st Place: Luke Cooper Schnurre Vergleich Luke Cooper

2nd Place: Lily Spencer-Smith Der Deutsche Arbeiter Lily Spencer-Smith

3rd Place: Georgia Hoggart Mein Berlin Tagebuch Georgia Hoggart

Tiffin School

1st Place: Bilal Uquaili

2nd Place: Zameer Shahpurwala  Youthbridge Zameer Shahpurwala pdf

3rd Place: Stan Luo Deutsche Forscher

Uxbridge High School

1st Place: Elisia Swaby 1st place Uxbridge

2nd Place: Paige Fitzpatrick 2nd place Uxbridge

3rd Place: Myra Small 3rd Place Uxbridge

Leehurst Swan School

1st Place: Max Balshaw – project to be posted soon

2nd Place: Alex Alford – project to be posted soon

3rd Place: Freddie Rouse – project to be posted soon

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

1st Place: Raife Foulkes – project to be posted soon

2nd Place: Christima Gurung – project to be posted soon

3rd Place: Shivani Shrestha – project to be posted soon

2017 Projects

Schneewittchen by Chloe Cherry, Homewood School, Kent

Die Stasi by Jenna Curtis, Haberdashers Monmouth School

Liechtenstein by Maya Woodward, Haberdashers Monmouth School

Martinstag by Katie Cameron, Haberdashers Monmouth School

Oberösterreichisch by Luke Cooper, Brentwood School

Berlinreise 2016 by Shomik Milki, Brentwood School

Hänsel und Gretel by Toby Kidd, Brentwood School

German Cuisine by Hannah Richards, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School:

Ein Gedicht über Musik by Niamh Kelly, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

Meine Penpal by Freya Bartlett, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

Der Reiseführer by Chloe Williamson, Gemma Parker and Sophie Bannister, Bourne Grammar School

Ein Jahr in Deutschland by Fatima Baloch and Freya Dangerfield-Shepard, Bourne Grammar School

Sport in Deutschland by Chantelle Kelly and Heloise Leriverend, Bourne Grammar School

Mein Deutschland by Lucas Dance, Hipperholme Grammar Senior School

Sammelalbum von meiner Reise 2015 nach Deutschland by Maximus Robins, Hipperholme Grammar Senior School

Die Wagner Revolution by Ella Nicholson, Hipperholme Grammar Senior School

Hallo, ich heiße Caitlin by Caitlin Billingham, The Fernwood School

Hallo! Ich heiße Ameer by Ameer Saleem, The Fernwood School

Hallo! Ich heiße Edward by Edward Eggeman, The Fernwood School

Top Gear by Kush Kale, Tiffin School

Tischtennis by Krushan, Tiffin School

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte by Adarsh Anumolu, Tiffin School

2016 Projects

Es war ein schöner Morgen in Berlin by Rithika Parthasarathy, Moreton Hall School

Annelies Marie Frank by Ellie Street, Lees Brook Community School

Dresden by Will Cheng, Lees Brook Community School

Das Brandenburger Tor by Hannah Sunley, Lees Brook Community School

Deutsche Künstler by Beatrice Lancet, South Hampstead High School

Die Brüder Grimm und Deutschland by Abbey Farrow, South Hampstead High School

Meine Familie und Haustiere by Cosima Deetman, South Hampstead High School

Hallo! Ich heiße Buneen by Buneen Ayub, The Fernwood School

Hallo! Ich bin fünfzehn Jahre alt und  heiße Harry by Harry Ecob, The Fernwood School

Hallo! Ich  heiße Abbie by Abbie Clifton, The Fernwood School

2015 Projects

Tanz in Deutschland by Jasmine Kirk and Sarah Dickens, Bourne Grammar School

Adolf Hitler by Lily Gray, Bourne Grammar School

Deutsch by Lujain Alkhalaf, Fernwood School Nottingham

Deutscher Brief by Sanskriti Swarup, Fernwood School Nottingham

Sprachen by Jonathan Jackson, Fernwood School Nottingham

Deutsche zusammengesetze Wörter by Eleanor Edwards, Hills Road Sixth Form College  

A Travel Guide for the Harz Region by Vladimir Nikolic, Hills Road Sixth Form College

The Importance of Germany in the World by Kristen Rooney, Hills Road Sixth Form College

Vorsprung Durch Technik by Julian Whitaker, Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow

Deutsche Kultur by Simran Lakhan, Royal Latin School Bucks

Sechzehn Bundeslaender by Rhea Tzallas, Royal Latin School Bucks

Kultur von Deutschland by Lucie Huxtable, Royal Latin School Bucks

Albert Einstein by Amara Khan, Royal Latin School Bucks

Der Rhein by Antonia Murphy, South Hampstead High School

Suki Kamouna Die Schondorfer Frauen by Suki Kamouna, South Hampstead High School

Frederike Liese Theater and  Frederike Liese Book 2  by Fredereick Liese, South Hampstead High School

2014 Projects

Hannoveraner Könige von England by Chloe Gutteridge, Bourne Grammar School

Deutsch by Andrew Martin and Luke Skinner, Bourne Grammar School

Sehenswuerdigkeiten by Okasha Ahmed, Tiffin School, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Deutsches Essen by Charles Jordan, Tiffin School, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Deutsch: Warum finde ich es so wichtig  by Kitty Palmer, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Deutsches Kino by Fabien Ruthven, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Deutsche Kuchen und Sehenswuerdigkeiten by Nitharsan Raveendran, Tiffin School, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Deutscher Brief by George Holmes, Fernwood School, Nottingham

Dankesschreiben by John Bamford, Fernwood School, Nottingham

Deutsch in der Schule by Milan Parmar, Fernwood School, Nottingham

Das interaktive Rezeptbuch by Isabelle Newsham, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Germany by Emmalee Higgins and Charlie Dalton, Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow

Mein Deutsch Projekt by Harry Butler, Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow

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