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34belgravesqareWelcome to the BGA and our website.

Founded in 1951, the British-German Association is a British charity that promotes mutual understanding and friendship between the UK and Germany. We perform three roles:

Forum: by ourselves and with partners, we organise events in the UK which illustrate historical, political, cultural or social aspects of Germany;

Umbrella: we work to improve communication and coordination between other British voluntary organisations involved with the UK and Germany;

Bridge: we reach out to Germany (particularly through our sister organisation, the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft), and we promote the teaching of German in British secondary schools.

You can watch our Annual General Meeting 2020 presentation here.

BGA Events Calendar

BGA Future Events for your Diaries! The BGA runs an active and diverse range of events for those involved in business, politics and the arts. Many are open only to Members, who also enjoy booking and pricing advantages on the open events.

Corporate Members List

Our corporate partners include many of the UK and Germany’s leading companies. Find out more about our programme of business specific events and networking opportunities. Many of the leading UK and German companies are corporate members of the BGA. More than 2,500 German companies operate in the UK, with investments worth more than Euro 100 billion and employing 450,000 people. As the economic interdependence between Britain and Germany continues to grow, the BGA provides its corporate members with an important…


The BGA exists to promote understanding and forge links between Britain and Germany. By being a Member of the BGA, you help to support these goals. Your membership also supports the work of our Youthbridge arm, which promotes and supports German-language teaching in British schools. Membership of the Association includes individuals, companies, professional partnerships and affiliated societies, across the United Kingdom. Join the BGA and benefit from being part of a community with a shared interest in UK-German relations.

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