Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join the British-German Association

The British-German Association is a charity which promotes mutual understanding and friendship between the UK and Germany. By joining the BGA, you are expressing your support for these goals.

Membership of the BGA gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people. Each year, we organise a broad range of cultural and social events, by ourselves or with partners. We have hosted events at venues including German House, the Houses of Parliament, the Bodleian Library, Colchester Zoo, the Christuskirche, Chatham House, the German Historical Institute London, the Goethe Institut, Deutsche Bank, the Travellers Club and the Mansion House. Our programme provides the opportunity to interact with German and British Cabinet Ministers, listen to world-famous professors, taste German wines, learn Knotentanz, and celebrate the Oktoberfest. We are working on another diverse and exciting programme for 2020.

Many of these events are limited to small groups. As a member, you have access to exclusive events. You also enjoy early-booking and discounted rates for most events open to non-members.

Joining is easy. It just takes a few minutes online. So join today be clicking here.

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